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My friends are like my music. They mean the world to me. I don’t have a favorite. My friends at school are Payton, Katherine, and Bailee. I have known all of them for 2 years. I never have to lie to them or be someone else around them cause they don’t care.

Then theirs Megan Smith. Shes been my neighbor 8-9 years, but shes more than a neighbor. Shes my sister. My other half. We do everything together. We have had our ups and downs up its made us stronger.

PorchFest in Boulder Colorado 9-22-2013


Megan Bennett & Karli opened for Audifix at Porchfest.

Megan Bennett & Karli sing Animal

Megan Bennett & Karli sing Aint No Sunshine

Megan Bennett & Karli sing Freedom

Megan Bennett & Karli sing Big Jet Plane

Karli & Rick play I’m Sorry


I’m sorry is a Karli Thompson original song.

Karli, Megan Bennett and Rick play La Bamba


Karli, Megan Bennett and Rick Gabler play la Bamba at Bean & Berry:

Karli & Rick play I’ll Play It For You


I’ll Play It For You is a Karli Thompson original song!

Karli & Rick play Hoochie Coochie Man


Karli & Rick play Hoochie Coochie Man at Bean & Berry!

Karli & Rick Gabler – 21 Guns


Karli & Rick at Bean & Berry

Texas Storm Elite 97


Texas storm rocks because the players on the team took me and showed me how to play soft ball better. When I first meet them I was playing in this adopted team thing and Texas Storm was our adopted team. Alex was my buddy. Where ever I went she went in the games. Then I found out that they were playing in a tournament. The tournament was the fireworks tournament. I went to their first game. Then I went to the second and then I just keep going to them. That’s how I meet the Texas Storm Elite 97 team.

The first player is Alex. Alex is number 16. She is a very respectful person. She is the pitcher for Texas Storm. She is my buddy and is 14.

Aileen is a first base man. She is number 99 and funny. She is very loving.

Alisha is short stop and fast. Her number is 22. She is very nice and is quick on her feet .

Ania is pitcher just like Alex. She is number is 60. Ania is a great cheerleader, she really gets the team going.

Claire is right field. She is number 03. Claire is a wonderful person and she can catch the ball from a mile away.

Kaylee is catcher. She is number 2. Kaylee is a spectacular person and man she can hit the ball.

Kristin is third base. She is number 7. Kristin really knows what shes doing.

Lindsay is center field. She is number 00. Lindsay is like a bolt of lightening.

Marisa is second base. She is number 9. Marisa, is a strong cheerleader you could hear her from china.

Shelby is left field. She is number 12. When Shelby’s out the sun shines.

Alex & I

The Assistant Coaches

Coach Ray – Post game wrap-up



just got home from school. Boring as usual. Got complements from friends. Now I’m watching the royal wedding.

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